So I'm here ...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey guys ... I have big news for you. I'm in THE STATES... yes ... I'm not kidding :P It's exciting to be here but on the other hand it's hard too. I'm really far away from my friends and my family so I'm homesick. You know... this different culture and environment just punch me to the face. But I know I have to be patient. I need to become acclimatized.
But it's been my great dream since I was a kid. I've always wanted to visit USA and now I have to be glad that this dream came true.
Anyway ... there are such a cool people. I like them so much. I hope they'll become my real friends.
And there is also a language problem ... everybody here speaks in english ... OOOPS ... sorry I'm just trying to be funny :-P
Photos will be after I'll buy my own camera :D

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