Friday, January 20, 2012

Haha...do you have the same problem as me? I have so many earrings that I couldn't figure out where and especially how am I going to store them. But then I got an idea. You just need a string and you can hang up them (but of course that the small ones you still have to store in some little box). If you can't imagine how I mean it - here are some pictures.
By the way my mom saw another good resolution in some magazine. She hanged up her earring on a hanger. :-)
Oh and if you're wondering why am I posting to my blog so much this week, the answer is simple - I'm sick :-/ So instead of studying for school (yes, unfortunately, I'm a senior so I have leaving exams in May), I'm completely stuck in a world of fashion blogging :-D haha ...

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  1. ty poslední dvě fotky jsou taky od tebe?? tyhle naušničky jsem na tobě totiž nikdy neviděla :O :))


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