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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes I have moods when I really - really want a boyfriend.
It sounds great ,,I have a boyfriend". Someone who cares for me all the time, someone who loves me, who is always here for me. Someone who can hug me and support me. But I don't realize that my boyfriend will be a HUMAN!!! Human who has lots of mistakes, who DOES mistakes and who can HURT me. And someone who NEEDS my attention and love and support too.
So GIRLS - I think that if you want a guy just because you want to be loved - that you want him for BAD reasons. Right reason is that you want to MAKE him happy and loved.
Are you asking ,,who can meet your needs"? I know the answer - it's GOD. Well I know that you may don't want to hear it and you don't believe it. But YES - it's ONLY GOD, who can make you happy and who really cares for you ALL THE TIME.

I believe it.
Hope you read it and if you have some questions - write me

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