Camp David of The Ozarks

Friday, August 22, 2014
EN: Hello everybody,
As you might know, I traveled to Missouri for a mission trip. I was a counselor, photographer and support staff for 6 weeks at a Christian camp called Camp David of The Ozarks. It was a huge blessing for me to serve there, get to know other staff but mainly impact the lives of kids who's parents are in jail. I'm planning to write an article with further information. Now I just want to share some photos with you guys, to let you know I'm alive :-D.
Right now I'm actually in San Antonio, Texas. I traveled here after the camp ended. (I will post some photos from my way here as well, but you will get to see them later.)
So that's a brief update about my life :-D and you can enjoy the pictures now (and 1 video - woohoo).

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