Fit & Healthy Part 1

Thursday, July 21, 2016

EN: Hello everyone! Today I would like to talk about healthy lifestyle. I recently decided to start living healthy (I kind of "announced" my decision here) and because I'm trying to inform and educate myself on this topic, I thought I could write about it here as well. Sorta share all the "knowledge" I accumulated so far and motivate you guys. But I need to make sure that you guys know I am NOWHERE near being a professional in this area! I'm just interested and curious and so if there is anything totally misleading in this article, I apologize in advance (also please let me know, if I make any mistake, ok?!)

CZ: Moc se omlouvám, ale dnešní článek bude pouze v angličtině! Doufám, že mi to prominete! O:-)

So we will start with food.
Oh yeah food, that is kinda important, right? :D I so wish it wasn't but if you want to stay fit (*ahem* loose weight *ahem*), you gotta bear in mind that it's 80/20 - meaning 80% food/ 20% excercise.
Lot of times I got a little upset over this fact but it's just not worth it anymore haha :D So I just accepted the fact that I cannot eat whatever I want to, whenever I want to. It's kind of a sad way of life but what you are essentially doing is taking care of your body. And we all should take good care of our bodies because you know ... we only get one!
So how do you make sure you are eating smart ? It's funny because as long as I know, I heard people saying no carbs in the afternoon (and I am sure many of you have the same opinion)! But then recently I read an article about this that said it actually doesn't matter that much. There was a study performed and it showed that people who did in fact eat carbs in the afternoon and in the evening weren't gaining weight compared to people who weren't eating carbs later in the day (both groups were eating in moderation and excercising though! (I think)). Sadly I didn't save that article (would've been useful now, ugh :D) but what I am getting to is that it's not so much about WHAT you put in but HOW MUCH of it you put in. Of course you shouldn't eat burgers, fries and cakes 24/7, all I am saying is that you can eat pretty much anything but just don't eat A LOT of it. If you want to eat that pasta for late lunch, do it. Just don't stuff your face!
I decided that I cannot really abandon one food group as my diet (like being vegetarian, vegan or gluten free) because I love food. I love it and there is nothing that can change that fact. But I don't think I am necessarily doomed. If I eat in moderation and only when I'm hungry (oh boy - you have no idea how big of an issue eating cause I am bored is for me!) and also buy good quality ingredients, I think I can still loose weight and be healthy. Yes, it will take much longer and it requires a lot of patience and strong will, but the results are going to be long-lasting. Because if you want to loose weight for good, you need to change your lifestyle.

And here are a few little tips that are important to keep in mind:
drink water!
eat breafast!
eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored or stressed!
if you are craving something, brush your teeth/use mouthwash, the mint taste will stop your cravings!
get enough sleep
eat vegetables
don't eat out, learn how to meal-prep
eat in moderation
keep a food diary
do this with friends, encourage each other and hold each other accountable

And because I think I should be more specific, I want to give you tips on good healthy meals and smart healthy websites.
1. Veggie Sandwich
2. Pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoes and roasted asparagus
3. One Pan Mexican Quinoa
4. Lemon Dill Bulgur Salad with Salmon

1. Strawberry, Watermelon, Cucumber Smoothie
2. Island Mango Goji Berry Sunrise Smoothie
3. Superfood Breakfast Smoothie Bowl
4. A Simple Breakfast Smoothie

1. 4 Ingredient Creamy Lemon Popsicles
2. Dark Chocolate Superfood Bites
3. Matcha Banana "Ice Cream"
4. 3 Ingredient Chia Pudding

Useful Websites:
For tips on snacks go here.
You can also follow my pinterest "Healthy" board or check out my fitblr (fit+tumblr) blog if you need motivation!
I am a regular reader of Popsugar Fitness website too. 
Blog by Kayla Itsines might get useful as well!
And we cannot forget ToneItUp duo Karena and Katrina.

I hope you guys found this article useful! And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment down below!
And because I feel like all of this is enough info for today, we will cover the topic of excercise next time!

Have a great rest of the week, stay fit & healthy and but beyond everything, be happy and learn how to love your body!

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