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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

EN: Hello everyone! Hope you are doing great, enjoying the summer! It is currently super ugly in Prague but I am not on vacation so I spend my days at work and I guess I'm not so mad at the weather then :D Haha!
Anyways - as I promised last week, I am now going to reveal the 3 winners of the marble necklaces giveaway! The ones who won will soon receive an email with further info about their win!
Soooo ... drumroll please .... the winners are:
Thank you everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners!
And now I am going to get into what I want to talk about today! I want to share a few movie and tv show tips/reviews! I am a sucker for movies and tv so it felt natural to share this side of me here on my blog. And yes, I know I probably spend way TOO much time watching TV but let's just not talk about that for now :D So here we go:

CZ: Česká verze bude v průběhu čtvrtka 14.7. (ano, nestíhám a už jdu radši spát :D)

Now You See Me / Podfukáři (2013) ***
Yes, I am guilty, I actually haven't seen this movie until last week! And it's 3 years old and it's sequel is already in the theaters! Whoops!
Anyways - I got excited about seeing this because I heard people talking good things about it. The story is about 4 magicians who start to perform shows together on the initiative of this mystery "somebody". And that's kinda it haha. Yeah the end had a GREAT twist (who doesn't like good twists right?) but the rest of the movie was kind of ... lame. I felt rather lost in the plot. For me it was missing simple beginning, middle and an end. I don't think I will be watching this movie again. I guess it's a nice relaxing film but don't really expect anything mind blowing or super entertaining.
So for me - 3 stars.

Before We Go (2014) *****
I found this movie on KodiI think, and wasn't sure it was worth a watch but I couldn't be more wrong! Chris Evans both directed and starred in it and I can't help it but he is just. so. cute! It's is not just him who makes the film special though. The plot is about these two strangers - Nick and Brooke -  who meet in New York and spend a whole night together trying to get Brooke home to Boston before her husband gets home. The entire movie is just about this one night. There is this kind of secrecy in the beginning because you just don't understand why Brooke is so desperatly trying to get home and honestly I was super eager to find out. And even though the movie was slow paced, I enjoyed it a lot. I am not going to tell the end because - NO SPOILERS - right?
Hehe but I will tell you the rating - 4 stars.

How To Be Single / Jak přežít single (2016) *****
I thought this was going to be a crappy movie. And I mean yeah, don't expect anything sophisticated and deep but LOL I just enjoyed it. I am almost embarrassed to say how much! The story is about Alice who decides to dump her boyfriend because she just doesn't know how it is to be single. Ok yeah that sounds pretty dumb :D BUT the movie gets hilarious. There are funny scenes and I really liked Alice, her style and everything. So if you want to watch something chill and funny and also kinda cute, this is the right match!
Rating: 4 stars

Me Before You / Než jsem tě poznala (2016) *
Well where to start, the story is about a guy who is paralyzed from shoulders down and a girl who keeps him company. It is sweet to see how they become friends and eventually even something more but I am probably the only one who is really NOT happy with this movie. The makers were I guess trying to film something girly but deep at the same time. And they probably succeeded but I. just. hated. the end! - A little spoiler ahead - I get they didn't want to make anything predictable so they put a sad ending to this film but while I am ok with sad ends (although I would of course prefer happy ending), this was just so morally wrong that all I could think about when leaving the theatre was how angry I was. This is simply big NO NO for me and I gotta leave this movie with 1 star rating.

The Good Wife (2009 - 2016) *****
I am currently OBSESSED with this TV show! My American friends introduced it to me when I was visiting them for Thanksgiving last year but I didn't start watching it until just recently (and I am already almost done with Season 2).
The story is about former state's attorney's wife (Alicia) whose life crumbles before her own eyes when her husband's sex and corruption scandal gets exposed. Alicia is then forced to get a job (as a lawyer) since her husband goes to jail, she stays married to him though (hence the name of the show - The Good Wife).
I really enjoy this tv series because a) every episode is about a different lawsuit, usually pretty interesting one but b) there is also some romance/drama happening in the background.
I definitely recommend this! Rating: 5 stars

Reign (2013 - ) ****
It has been a while since I watched this tv show but it really is a good one too. I honestly don't really know why I lost my interest but I am sure I will resume watching this in the future.
The historical plot is about Queen Mary Stuart and her hardships and adventures in French court. Watch this if you enjoy pretty dresses, English accents and a little bit of history mixed with drama. Plus the Queen is simply gorgeous (so you might get slightly jealous :D)
Rating: 4 stars

And what movies/tv shows can you guys suggest me? I am always on the lookout when it comes to TV hehe! So please do share in the comments!

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