I'm just a little piece in this big world

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes, I'm thinking about me - Who I am? Where I'm going to? Am I just a little piece?? Just a small person in this really BIG world? Am I worthless? Does at least one person love me as I'd be a whole life for him? -> Do YOU think this about yourself? Do YOU think you're worthless? That no one cares about YOU? - It's a long way to find that this is NOT true!!! Someone has an awesome family, so his way isn't that long, but there are still people who have no family, no friend, no love and no hope. For this people I'm writing. There IS someone who cares about you, who loves you - no matter if you're bad or good!!! Do you know now? Yes - it's Jesus. Well - you have to think I'm crazy - that you wouldn't feel sou miserable if there was some God. But I definitely know that there is GOD. You may going through this hard period because you have to find God, give him your life, realize that God is the only right way. The way of hope, love and understanding but also the way of fight.
Never forget He loves you.

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