Naruby fashion show

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Some while ago I've decided that I really have to find out about some fashion shows, parties or whatever is about fashion (or photography or what is at least a little bit interesting). I'm very glad that I found out about this fashion show. Well actually I didn't :-D my friend who is a student at this college (The College of Fashion Design) invited me. And I went. With my friend. We weren't supposed to sit but some people didn't arrive so we even had seats. And .. wow .. it was very interesting. This was mine second fashion show (I didn't post any pictures from the first one because I didn't like it - models were totally WEIRD GAY MODELS :-D :-D). It was a great experience. I took MANY pictures but not as much as I wanted because my battery was almost dead .. danged!!! But I still have plenty of pictures. Here are some of them, I hope you enjoy:

 my favourite dress
 my the most favourite dress
 haha!!! :-D
 I took a quick picture of myself on the way home :-P

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